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The Gold Coast All Stars

The Gold Coast All Stars have quickly earned their place as one of the preeminent wedding and event bands in the entire country! With each performance, expectations of what is possible in event entertainment are shattered. The All Star group has been hailed as being at the forefront of the next generation of high end entertainers, and the concept has been heralded as revolutionary. This video was shot 100% live at a beautiful wedding, to try and give you a taste of the unparalleled joy, talent, and excitement that emanate from the stage during A Gold Coast All Stars performance. The standard lineup features 13-18 pieces, and for certain events there are options to slim down or even add more musicians. Whatever the clients and the affair demand, they make it happen like absolutely no one else can!


I've been attending live music shows for over 40 years. Last Saturday, I likely had
more fun than I've ever had watching, dancing and listening to a live band than I've
ever had in my life. I can't tell you how happy Lynne (my wife) and I were with your performance
at Jimmy and Jessie's wedding. You all did a fantastic job. The setlist was incredible, and you also knew
exactly when to change it up to keep everyone happy, from the Dead Heads to the Bruno Mars fans.
Your catalog of music is broad and eclectic, and the pace and timing of the event was perfect. I know you can tell
whether folks are having a great time at an event, and it was apparent to EVERYONE how awesome your band was.
I'm sure parents of kids who are at weddings often get compliments on the night. The compliments
that we received about you guys were incredible. "What a concert!", "The setlist was the best I've ever heard at a Wedding",
"Best band, Best wedding ever".

Thanks so much for making the night a success!

Mike and Lynne L. (parents of the groom)
You guys were outstanding this past Saturday night at our wedding!
We are beyond thrilled with the performance the Gold Coast All Stars put on!
People keep telling us how much they enjoyed you guys and how much you impressed them!
We can't thank you enough!

-Gayle and Gary
The Gold Coast All Stars were fun and perfect for Matthew and Mari's Wedding.
The ceremony was simple and great. The choice of Classic Rock for cocktails was BRILLIANT.
So many guests commented on it! The dance floor was full from beginning to end and everybody had a great time.
Thank you for making Thanksgiving Eve so perfect for Mari & Matthew!

- Jan E.
You guys were outstanding this past Saturday night at our wedding!
We are beyond thrilled with the performance the Gold Coast All Stars put on!
People keep telling us how much they enjoyed you guys and how much you impressed them!
We can't thank you enough!

-Gayle and Gary
Now it's time to hear from me. You know I always had the faith in you to pull off a wonderful night.
And you did just that. Whatever vibe we created as a family, you played into it and accentuated it.
It was so much fun and you guys were simply fantastic. There isn't a person who was there that didn't say
What A Band!!!!
You should be so proud of yourself. I only wish for you to have as happy an occasion with your family as we had with ours.
Love to you and thanks for all you did…
We can't thank you enough!

-Susie and Slitter
We wanted to thank you for a spectacular wedding! From the unreal song selection during the
processional to your rendition of our first dance song (Stolen Dance)
you and your band are truly talented professionals.
Stolen dance was honestly unreal, very happy we did that! We received so many complements
on our music for the processional and the entire wedding. A lot of people loved Loving Cup,
so great call on that!
I really appreciate you learning the 3 songs and all the effort you put into our song list.
It was the best night of our life and you deserve a lot of credit for that.
You guys are the best at what you do and you should be proud.
Maggie and I are honored you played at our wedding and we hope you and your band enjoyed
the evening as well. We look forward to seeing you in the future.
Thanks again.
- Maggie and Phil
Now that we are back from Thailand and Cambodia and (somewhat) adjusted back to reality.
We wanted to send you a note to say THANK YOU for being such an important part of our wedding.
Over 3 weeks later and we can’t stop talking about how amazing you guys were
and we still have friends and family coming up to us telling us how you guys were the
BEST band they have ever seen at a wedding.
You guys rocked it – from the songs played during the ceremony (which we can’t wait to hear in our video)
to Listen to Your Heart to Pony and everything else in between. We appreciate how closely
you worked with us to make our wedding music dreams a reality.
It exceeded all expectations and we have you to thank.
- Heather and Chad
That's the comment we heard throughout Saturday night. Your band was absolutely phenomenal .
Everyone was asking about you and Michelle and Ben's friends danced away the night.
We appreciate the flexibility you showed when we were outside, inside , outside ......for the ceremony.
Thank you again .
-Pepi and Larry
Jason and I just wanted to thank you again for Saturday night. You guys were INCREDIBLE and our friends and family
have not stopped talking about how much fun they had dancing all night. Every song was flawless, and
(as you may have noticed) people literally wouldn't leave the dance floor.
Seriously, it's three days later and I still haven't stopped hearing
about how amazing you guys were. Our friends have said they weren't sure whether to dance
or watch you guys and what an incredible show you were putting on.
I have also had a bunch of people say they had to do a double take to
make sure the original singers of a given song weren't there (for a bunch of different songs!)
We had the BEST time and really have you guys to thank so THANK YOU again!
- Alexa and Jason

I don't know even where to begin!!! Thank you and the band for the most magical evening!!! It was truly amazing, and the energy in the room was palpable. The arrangements of every song was creatively unparalleled- even the "dinner" music was fabulous, and made everyone want to dance. I can't wait for the next time I am somewhere that I can experience the band again. Thank you, again, for really listening to Alexa and Jason, and setting the tone for their wedding- I can't imagine another band that would have come close to touching what you all did! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
I am eternally grateful! -With much gratitude-


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