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The Lakeshore Encores

The Lakeshore Encores are the newest band from Danny Chaimson and Gold Coast Events.  The band is led by the one and only Angela Martin.  Angela has been with Gold Coast since day one, and anyone who's seen The Gold Coast All Stars can tell you that Angela is a performer like no other.  Having been featured heavily on American Idol, she came to Gold Coast with a wealth of big time experience, and since then, she has performed all over the country as one of the lead singers of what has become know as the preeminent wedding band in the country.  She's redefining what it means to sing at a wedding: Angela makes you feel like you're at an amazing concert.
The band ranges from 9-13 pieces and follows the same blueprint as all of the bands at Gold Coast.  There are 6 different lead singers who all specialize in different genres, allowing the band to be just as at home rocking a Queen song as they are a Rhianna song.  The Lakeshore Encores have been mesmerizing crowds at high end weddings and galas since June of 2017, and have a full schedule booking for 2018.  Gold Coast Events is thrilled to be able to present another band that can do what only we do- turn your wedding or private event into the concert of your dreams.  We specialize in creating music and memories that last a lifetime- for you and your guests!

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